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What is a group of rubber ducks called?

Research, research, research!  It's a good thing we have such a huge
team of rubber ducks to hunt down these facts for us.  We've had enough
experience with rubber duck workers to know that it takes a huge team. 
Small teams just take forever especially with how rubber ducks tend to get
distracted and waddle off...

But, anyway, it turns out there are a whole host of words for groups of
birds.  Thanks to
4sweed for most of this great list

  • A siege of herons or bitterns
  • A plump of wildfowl
  • A gaggle of geese
  • A skein of geese (flying)
  • A sord (or sute) of mallards
  • A spring of teal
  • A company of widgeon
  • A cast of hawks
  • A bevy of quail
  • A covey of partridges
  • A muster of peacocks
  • A covert of coots
  • A congregation of plovers
  • A desert of lapwings
  • A wish (or walk) of snipe
  • A bazaar of murres (guillemots)
  • A flight of doves or swallows
  • A murmuration of starlings
  • A exhaltation of larks
  • A watch of nightingales
  • A building of rooks
  • A venue of turkey vultures
  • A "parliament" or a "wisdom" of owls

But what of ducks?  Here's a some of a juicy post from Fugative

  • Badelynge / Badelyng / Badling
  • paddling
  • raft
  • team
  • flock
  • gang
  • smeath
  • plump
  • little knob of ducks

Which is all great and good, but those names are for groups of
ducks.  We need a name for a group of rubber ducks. 
So, we, the crack researchers at RubaDuck have selected a term.  Something
that conveys the cute sweet simplicity of rubber ducks.  That term is:
"paddling".  So now, when you're at your next rubber duck river race, you
can show your rubber duck pride by announcing "that sure is a beautiful
paddling of rubber duckies."