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Why are rubber ducks yellow, as most "real" ones are not?

Most rubber ducks are made with the classic look of bright yellow body with
orange bill. There are plenty of rubber ducks out there NOT sporting the
classic look. But why is bright yellow with orange bill the ‘classic look’ in
the first place? I don’t believe there is a definitive answer out there (no
plastics manufacturers are weighing in with a single, compelling reason) but I
have some thoughts on the subject. In one word, I would say the reason most
rubber ducks are yellow is simply ‘tradition’. It’s an easily identified and
cheerful color scheme that has endured over time and become synonymous with
‘rubber duck’. Here’s another thought: Rubber ducks are essentially a child’s
toy, designed to be cute and appealing, so are modeled after the coloring of
the cuter and more appealing duckling, rather than the adult duck. As pictured,
ducklings are often bright yellow with orange bills and feet, thus lending the
classic rubber duckie look some semblance of reality. It should be noted,
however, that not all ducklings are so colored. The bottom line here at
RubaDuck is that rubber ducks are classically bright yellow with orange bills
because that is the cutest coloring.