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May 5, 2008
Duck Duck Go Boardgame

Advanced Primate Entertainment (APE Games) has a preview of a new and as-yet-unreleased board game about bathtub-racing rubber ducks, created by game designer Kevin G. Nunn. The game, titled “duck! duck! GO!,” is recommended for two to six players ages eight and up and lists playing time as 20-40 minutes. The advertising blurb correctly asserts that “bathtub rubber ducky [sic] racing has long been a popular sport.” In this board game version of a bathtub race, each player uses movement cards from their hand to race their duckie around the tub, trying to be the first to touch all the buoys and and return to the “finish drain.”

The game box will include 16 two-sided game board tiles which can be arranged in different patterns (shown in the beautifully illustrated full color rulebook) for various levels of play. The set also contains movement cards, tokens, one “random rubber bird dog” and six “random rubber duckies.” The rubber bird dog shown in the rule book and on the box illustration looks like a rubber duck crossed with a beagle. The game description listed on APE Games’ web site says “each game comes with six REAL rubber duckies, chosen at random from a set of over 100 different duckies” but further in the description indicates that you can order from their online store and “select your own set of duckies to put in the game.” Examples shown in the rule book and on the web site include rubber ducks “dressed” as a fire fighter, a sailor, a pirate and a ninja.  According to the FAQ posted on the game forum, the duckies do not squeak and of course they are all bathtub-safe. The FAQ also notes that the game will be making its debut at GenCon in August 2008 and will be available for pre-order in early July 2008. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Update: July 15, 2008

A bunch of the rubber ducks offered with the duck duck GO game are available through places like the Oriental Trading Co., but, for example at Oriental Trading Co. you have to buy them $5.99 +tax +shipping for a dozen, so you end up with duplicates. Also, not all styles are offered all the time. As an aside, they have a 100 piece lot of random ducks for $39.99 +tax +shipping that looks like a really good deal for people wanting to start a collection.

- Ducklips

Update: September 7, 2008

We just received confirmation that our pre-ordered game will be shipped some time next week! Furthermore, new duck choices have been added to their site.
And to add to the excitement, we have the option of requesting our game be signed by the author! Stay tuned for a full review of game play and pictures of our game when it arrives later this month.