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Many people love to send images to us. And we... love to get them! But, we
wouldn't and couldn't (and really shouldn't) keep them to ourselves. So, we
share them with you! If you'd like to make your duck famous, send us some pictures!

The RubaDuck Space Fleet
"my Grand Fleet aka Rubaduck Fleet"
Sent by Cheuk him Chung
Cheuk him Chung's Rubber Ducks
"My Ducks ,Yveltal ,Meltoria and Twin mill 3 doing stuff"
Sent by Cheuk him Chung
Pepito by the Pool
This is my little Mexican ducky, Pepito by the pool in the market square in Costa Maya, Mexico. Note the tiny bottle of Corona on his serape!
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Gift Shopping
This is Captain Jack, visiting a gift shop in the Bahamas!
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Buried Treasure!
Ducky pirates finding treasure in Costa Maya, Mexico.
Sent by Tina - Cruise
"X" Marks the Spot!
Captain Jack and his crew find treasure on Grand Cayman Island!
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Mexico Shopping
Pepito visits a shop in Costa Maya, Mexico
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Tourist Ducky
Tom the tourist ducky at Jungle Beach, Costa Maya Mexico.
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Sailor Duck
Sam, the sailor duck, aboard Carnival Liberty en route to Grand Cayman. We're wondering what all that blue rope is for...
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Wedding Duckies
Wedding duckies (Tina and Steve) in the stateroom, with the Liberty’s Honeymoon Tree
Antiquarian Library
Charlie visits the Liberty’s Antiquarian Library
Sent by Tina - Cruise
On Watch
Captain Marco on watch on Carnival Liberty.
Light Reading with Charlie
Charles Duckens (“Charlie”) gets in a bit of light reading in the stateroom on Carnival Liberty.
Sent by Tina - Cruise
Floating Around
From Shaylan: Sprinkles, Sunflower, Jonathan, Jeremy, Tulip, Pinky, Teal, and Citrus float around.
Sent by Shaylan
Duckie Fans
Citrus, Tulip, Jeremy, Sprinkles, Jonathan, Pinky, and Teal enjoy the RubaDuck site as they await their new friends.
Sent by Shaylan
Sprinkles the duck helps decorate for Halloween!
From Shaylan
Freddie's Ducks
Hi my friend Please see the attached for my rubber duck Wish you like them
Sent by Freddie
Jen's Ducks
The red one's name is Jackson, the cheta print one's name is Kitty, and the black and white's name is White Beak the Pirate. Jen
A Few of the Gang
Hi Roger! Meet a few of the Gang, they decided to go off for a sneaky milkshake in the sunshine last month. They were all very hyper on the sugar when we got home! -Amie, a duck lover
Sent by Amie
Jason's Duck Story
I got transferred to a new store local. Me and the store mang would give each other a hard time. She got me in front of the store had me to tell everybody what I collect trying to embarass me. I proudly said "I collect rubber ducks I got over 200 anybody go a problem with that."Nobody said any thing to my mangers suprise at least once a month. The ppl I work with started brining me duck they find. Recently a girl that quit last year txt me saying to come find her at her new job she got me a bag full of ducks. Jason
Aaron's advertisement for the imaginary Duck Channel.
Sent by Aaron
An awesome postcard and personal message to Roger!
Sent by Marc at MyRubberDucks.de
Jenna's duckies at the restaurant
Jenna's ducks help with the groceries.
Jenna's ducks like to chill!