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Many people love to send images to us. And we... love to get them! But, we
wouldn't and couldn't (and really shouldn't) keep them to ourselves. So, we
share them with you! If you'd like to make your duck famous, send us some pictures!

Here are some of my ducks!
- Jenna
Rubber Duck Proposal
Pat sent us a picture of how her fiancé proposed. Rubber duck rings!
Sent by Pat
Pat's Proposal
Here are the wedding rings themselves. Cute!
Sent by Pat
Great rubber duck store in Cambria, California.
Herb looked for Roger here but had no luck. (Anyone know what store this is?)
Conner sent us his superman duck and dinosaurs.
Sent by Conner
Anna's Ducks at Home
Sent by Anna
Jen's pals share a snack.
The pink, her name is Peach, the blue one his name is Shell, and the yellow one, his name is Pop Corn.
Sent by Jen
Ducklover's Collection
Apparently ducklover has gathered together 919 rubber ducks. Now that's an appropriate username! What a collection!
Sent by Ducklover
Hi this is the duck lover!
I REALLY have 908 rubber ducks.and I did take both quizzes.I am a tradtional rubber duck!!! and if my mom finds the cd to put in the labtop I can show you little duck! He is the most cutest duck in the world! - DuckLover
Albert, Devil Ducky, and Black Licorice
Three friends exploring a tunnel to look for Roger. Thanks Taylor!
Sent by Taylor
Garth duck at the White House
For the National Day of Prayer breakfast and ceremony 2008. Thanks Shirley!
Christopher's Duck Family Photo
Sent by Christopher
Thanks Christopher!
A pirate duck with Daleks from Christopher
Sent by Christopher
Duck drawing by Christopher
Sent by Christopher
Plumed Whistling-Duck
The aussie conterparts of our humble mallard. - Queen Quack
Rubber Duck Wedding Cake from Dan
Ducks on a Swing
Sent by UYougogirl
Ducks on a swing from UYougogirl
Sent by UYougogirl
Adrienne's quite the rubber duck enthusiast!
Sent by Adrienne
The BBC gets into the swim of things.
Thanks to DP from the UK
Poker Anyone?
from Emily "Duckie Fan #1" and Nemo
Nemo and Guitar
from Emily "Duckie Fan #1"
Thirsty Nemo
Nemo poses in front of a (relatively!) gigantic can of mountain dew.
Sent by Emily "Duckie Fan #1"
"Dot and Valentine"
Sent in by Sarah H.
Sent by Sarah H.