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Because we all know there are not enough internet memes out there already, the hard working folks at Rubaduck have brought you the following time wasters:

What Kind of Rubber Duck are You? (Coming Soon!)

Like your astrology sign, your rubber duck "type" says a lot about you.  If you are a soul-searcher who is interested in what the deeply unconscious undercurrents of your mind are doing, then this one is for you.  If you'd like to know your rubber duck type so that you can find your rubber duck "soul mate", this is your quiz.  Remember grasshopper: Great insight can come from simple questions.  Simple questions like "What is your favorite color?"

How Many Rubber Ducks are in Your Collection?

So you've got a collection and you're starting to get curious.  You're asking yourself questions like "is this normal?", "do other people do this?",  and "should I stop before getting just one more?".  Yes, it's important to keep perspective and this quiz can help you with that.  Not only will it help you understand your level of rubber duck... shall we say enthusiasm?  It will also let you see where you stand relative to other peoples'... enthusiasm.  (Addiction is such a strong word.)